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Re: Post Your Health Warriors!

For me it depends on what items i have on. Since i never rebirth, my hp completely depends on my items i have on.
Hp tank - 10900 on the dot.
Defense tank - 8300 on the dot.
Dps - 9000 on the dot.

I hate keeping my stats on uneven numbers.
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Re: Post Your Health Warriors!

I've got no access to gear of that sort- But I'm currently 125 and rocking 5.1k hp, tanking while outdpsing rogues and rangers my level. Rupture FTW!

I'm using: Meteoric Aura
Mighty Bathide Charm- 120 hp and 18 vit
Common Sunfire hp ring (Trying to get a grand)
Revit Brace
Heroic Ammy


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Re: Post Your Health Warriors!

im dps so im using 5.6k health with no vit gear (not much health gear after i got imperial atatch helm and frost boots), and i'll prob lower it
as a tank idk how much vit can i get, i dont use much health/vit gear but i got bastion shield, dark trident of zeal and royal bathide charm (225 health + 30 vit)
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Re: Post Your Health Warriors!

on computer atm cant post a pic (saved on ipod, which is dead atm) but 16200 hp with full druid buff abundance and abundant aura. full ancient wyrmbone, 1500 pie.
ill get a screenshot soon! I also have 75 vit tank shield 75 vit aggy brace 30 vit bat charm (booo) 50 vit aggy trident and 4 250 hp rings 150 lux ammy bracer of the souls and a almighty fairy charm! cant remember how much vit I had lol! also alllll vit
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