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Re: Which pet is better for a warrior? Pig or hare?

Surya707 wrote:I find the pigs skill much better than a hares at end game since energy issues are a pain. The 1k hp resto isn’t that great if you’re in a clan with active druids. Although I do agree hare might be better for levelling :3

i'm wondering whether to take a pig. I play on Herne. I play solo, there are not very many players and most of them do not play as druids. I don’t want to switch to another server as my brother plays on Herne (the brother doesn’t help either, he only plays 2 months). There is almost nothing at the auction; rarely will anyone sell armor or weapons for a warrior.

Re: Which pet is better for a warrior? Pig or hare?

domenrus2019 wrote:
xXzeemXx wrote:Pig’s skill sux. The hare’s skill can heal u upto 1k hp without a crit, thats a free restore pot every 15 seconds, but it takes a lot of money and time to get lvl 6 hare with max ability.

So the pig ALSO restores energy and health. Only a pig has the attribute necessary for a warrior: Vitality.

I assumed u were asking for good pets for lvling, hares would be the answer. For endgame, Phoenix, pigs or boars work (if tank) and dragons or other dps pets for dps build.

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