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dragon pet for warrior

So last week I got lucky with a pheonix egg and lost my mind. I usually only get aeon stuff. Got that a Nice horse mount then got a freaking reindeer bell next day. Lucky. Anyways to the point. This morning I bought 60 chests. Pulled a dragon egg after I pulled a 95% staff mount. I already have pheonix and reindeer. Then 10 chests later I pull a seedling. I'm not sure what's going on but hey I'm a very indecisive person. And. Now I'm just gonna get a dragon pet. Make a alt and put my pheonix on it.

The big question is which dragon color. Right now I have a red pheonix. I'm a level 173 warrior. I know the whole black dragon is majic and great for around this level when leveling through gelebrons tower. And green dragon would be very helpful up until then. Which is basically too late. I wont be hanging in tunnels too much longer. Honestly already in tower some.
I like the red dragon. And the black. The only thing I hate is every single person who has a dragon in my world Herne has a black dragon. It's kind of not even cool that way. Seriously everyone has a black dragon. How original. I know there are only 4 colors to choose from but still. I am thinking red just becuasr I dont see to many red in herne. Whay do you think? If getting red is a mistake and I should get black or green let me know. I'm literally just staring at the dragons right now drooling

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