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Re: New CG Offhand

Mind wrote:
Shivahh wrote:
StormStikerZX wrote:How? I thought Quiver just added to it's wearer's damage. In no way does it apply a debuff to a boss? I only have a DL quiver though.
And nearly anything would be an improvement to what it is right now. It's just a really really bad version of mage's EDL skill, yeah EDL not CG. The only difference is you have to cast it more often which makes it considerably worse cause you're wasting time casting a weak skill over and over rather than getting one big hit in. Not to mention it's single target.

I would be under the assumption that it would be a self buff otherwise a damage multiplier stacking with other class offhands would just benefitt them instead of the dps warrior

...I think that might've been the point; it'll benefit everybody. Kinda pairs well with shatter.

Im sure almost every high end dps warrior would stick to fury for personal maximum dps output, since in most worlds every chaos boss kill isnt a problem the players strive to personal improvements

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Re: New CG Offhand

Mind wrote:
Shivahh wrote:
StormStikerZX wrote:Cuhcullians Bane (hits a boss with 3000-4000 or 4000-5000 Divine damage and leaves a debuff that increases Divine damage received by 30% for 15 seconds

How do you increase unresisted damage

We had this discussion, and the idea is more that it'd be a damage-multiplier rather than lowering a resistance. If it were a self-buff this wouldn't be too hard (just add 30% divine for 15s), but making it an all-attackers buff makes it tricky; can't do just a group buff, and an AoE buff doesn't feel right either. It'd be a new type of applied debuff where instead of reducing a resistance, it'd multiply incoming divine damage (this feels complicated lol depending on how damage gets calculated, this might not be feasable).
I.e: "Divine Fracture: incoming divine damage increased by 30%"

How about a 3% Chance to proc debuff on target "Burning Fury" (All damage received the next 3 seconds are divine damage.)

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