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Re: Does a lock warrior exist?

Ty for your reply sir. Did some research on the warriors guides and I believe DPS warrior at endgame is a viable option? sorry for all these questions as I personally feel like the guides on the warriors section arent like the other classes where there are plenty of guides to choose from. Thank you in advance :D

Re: Does a lock warrior exist?

Lax wrote:May i know if anyone has had success with a lock warrior? Is it possible or does the usual mindset of tank warriors normally deter people from even trying?

Yes you can be a lock warrior, is it the best for locking? No. With a little luck a shatter and pummel combo can lock bolg and troll ph. I have outlocked rogues on bolg and troll ph before. You have to stand literally on the spot and hope you get a crit pummel or have a couple secs to cast shatter before the insta rogues hit.

Re: Does a lock warrior exist?

Depends on what u wanna lock. Im in the majority of lock groups.

4*? Nope. Very hard, its mostly luck. Especially on snorri.
Urchaid? Ofc.
5*? Yea, but especially with little amount of ppl, cus warrior isnt fast burst, so if theres a lot its a problem.
Mains? Definitely, warrior can do very well, and its prob easier to get 1 warrior maxed gear than 8 rangers. Unlikely u will have 4 rangers 4 rogues all better geared than a single warrior unless ur super primitive forcing all ur warriors to be tanks. Which is then unfair, and kinda puts all the dps gear on rangers and rogues. Then u ruin ur drops system with unfairness.

Theres no reason warriors will not be in lock. Nonetheless, Im not one to ask for gear, so I dont think Im the best. I do think I got the achievements faster than the majority of warriors game-wide, but its all pointless. Do I care about kills? No. I doubt I'll outdps the best rangers. Does it mean I have no potential? No, cus thats a primitive way of thinking.

Warrior lacks on the edl offhand aspect, desperate for edl offhand for dps, shield just wont do it.

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Re: Does a lock warrior exist?

Lock warriors are hardly a thing, they aren't a short-burst class. No warrior can win ph unless they have a beast pummel and spam correctly. 5*? Different story. Most frozen 5* kills will go to a warrior in lock group- they can do pretty solid damage (especially on frozen!). On 6* are good as well- they're not rogues, but because of generally high survivability they can deal consistent damage to bosses and win locks without wiping.

DPS warriors in endgame are also a thing. Although they do not have divine offhand skills and direct damage boosts from EDL as rangers and rogues do, they are still good for a few reasons. 1) Warrior DPS comes from one stat- str. This allows them to have good skills while being an auto-based class. Another reason is divine damage capability. A warrior in a rogue-ish build, with edl weapons, weapon ability rings, divine damage rings, and other classic melee dps gear is just as good, if not better, than a rogue and ranger on chaos bosses. Spider legacy boss also has almost 0 crushing damage resist, so 2h blunt warriors shine on this boss.

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