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Re: what is better for a hybrid warroir early on (lv1-180)

bob the mage wrote:
Freezerburn/Chrysaor wrote:Boar is the best pet for a well-supported, endgame tank, and imo the best for a pvp warrior. Bunny would be best for a poorly supported tank, or one that wants to solo bosses. Dog would be best for any warrior that wants to DPS and lix effectively. It won't be AS GOOD for tanking as either of the other pets, but I think it is really good for a hybrid warrior like yourself.

Dog is the ideal hybrid pet. Crush resist, dmg skill, vitality, and a def debuff.

dps - wolf/dog
hybrid - dog
tank - boar

thank you for helping me find out my ideal pet ill leave this open for a few more hours till i buy though give everyone a chance to share their opinion

Re: what is better for a hybrid warroir early on (lv1-180)

One thing to consider is that training up your boar ability isn’t nearly as useful or as necessary as training abilities on other pets. You can switch to a boar at level 220 and be totally fine because people only use it for the stats, not the skill.
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