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Re: Need help with tanking build.

I will give my advice for lvling a warrior.

Go dps build, hybrid doesn't kill as fast.

At lvl101 you probably won't need more than 2k health to survive. Add enough points to vit to survive and add some to focus is you really need, rest in strength.

For skills I would suggest:
Frenzy (don't use pro stance with this as it cancels frenzy and vice versa)
Double attack (this doesn't miss and does double your auto)

Regen is still useful at level 100 because skills don't yet take 100+ energy to use. Sigils are something you might want to think about investing in, eventually lixs will take over regen later down the road as lux isn't as powerful anymore.

Obviously with rupture you want to be using an axe.
For offhand I would suggest dagger or blades, you will probably get more damage out of the blade, but dagger has regen if needed. This is lvl50 lux. With lvl100 lux the blades equivalent is offhand axe.

As for armor and jewelry use the best that you have, I suggest stuff that boosts vitality and strength or health and damage.

I'm not a pro dps, but at lvl200+ I run this build, have 5k health and 2k damage along with 2.9k attack (4K with frenzy). This works fine for me when I solo and I can even out dps rouges whilst lvling in a group.

Upgrade health as needed, if you feel your health goes down to much add some more.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Need help with tanking build.

Id advise that by the lvl of 200 u have more than 2.9k attack without frenzy. Attack isnt SUPER USEFUL for lvling but it is still useful, mobs have defence and they can evade ur dmg, what good is ur melee if it doesnt even land? On my lvl 150 ranger I run 3.5k attack with steady and mobs still evade.

Dmg is also strong for lvling as well as skills dmg, but specifically pummel dmg. Thus if u can get any pummel gear (especially silverweb ring / mordy brace) it'll boost pummel decently, mostly since ur pummel isnt 50 at those lvls (honestly my pummel isnt 50 either) so its easy to boost.

Now, I didnt try occult, but few things about it :

- Overall energy and hp isnt far from dl, lower than edl obviously.

- Dont use pieces that boost what u dont need (gloves, boots). Helm gives 600 pummel dmg, greaves gives 700 rupture dmg and bp TECHNICALLY says 350 pummel dmg, but since both alchemical and occult say 350 pummel dmg, I believe it is a visual glitch in the bp, and it should be higher.

Id still choose edl if u can get at 205 due survivability, while at lower lvls I dont recommend on frozen but I highly recommend a mixed gear that gives survivability, dps and ENERGY.

Energy pool covers over sigils or regens if u do elix for lvling. Good energy pool does the job.

I again will use my ranger as example as I dont lvl a second warrior, Im wearing frozen bp / pants at lvl 150 (gives survivability and energy), with grand sunfire helm (gives a bit of all, especially energy, while covering decent armour) but haste boots and beastbone gloves. That gear is a bit mixed, but full Ancient Beastbone is superior to full Frozen while it is also easily achieved.

For the even lower lvls... I honestly cant say a lot since it was very different back then, Id assume try ur best to get any gear possible, aggy or legacy, while grinding with all the quests out there for u. The xp curve at those lvls + bounties + quests + glad are so nice I dont even elix on my ranger.
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Re: Need help with tanking build.

Like other advice given. Don't tank at such a low level. No reason too. I have a 215 Tank on Arawn named Setth. And his gear was expensive af. I use a Shinestone hunter, Skain misc, Skain rings x2. 90 dex 90 vit and the 200 lux that adds 600 health. I didn't even buy all that but probably spent about 6 million or so gold. But anyways, dps all the way till 215-220. Not even hybrid. Your main focus should be energy regeneration over health. When you lix you should use a health lix or restos.
Now for your weapons.
Ditch the sword. Use axe or spear(with haste lix) Axe speed is comparable with sword and adds rupture which is a good dps skill. Personally I didn't like axe, I used spear.
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For stats, I saw a post that said about 2k, which is correct, rest into str. At 210ish I was running 5.5k-6k health and rest into str and it work fine. Sorry for jumbled mess of a post :D
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