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Re: Crazy rogue stats

Toothpick wrote:
Chico wrote:
Toothpick wrote:

So far, still need a few pieces of gear and better food

I know you have full dg, but do you have a bt helm? If so what tier?

Nope, this was quite a while ago!

Oh dam. No idea what my stats are. With 2 piece dg, I think I only sit at like 6k damage with perf bara. Best food we have atm. I’m going to have to check

Re: Crazy rogue stats

Romeo wrote:
Mongo-donn wrote:

Bloodthorn build?

This is something I'd definitely run with, very good damage with excellent survivability.

I like how u took this screenshot mid fight with bt lol

He use combo for sure, there is no way in the world to have that perfect stat. high defence = lower dmg.
He use hero combo + perfect bara or Perf caviar for sure.
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Re: Crazy rogue stats

Ya that's op lol. Uh but. Spamming pots. Like any other skill. Is better then hp gear or vit w no dps. DeX dps does not compare to strength is the real dps. One. But. Yes maybe for boss like bt dino. But the others. Is kind of no need for that heaps o.o but gj thats sick man. Must be fun:) gj. Respect

Re: Crazy rogue stats

And yes . When u have so much attack it barley matters. If u got more. Or not . Because ur already hitting like alot of the time. Then yes vit then or w.e (strength) either or. Is the goto. When u reach certain amounts of attacks that barley take effect. But do in tads

Re: Crazy rogue stats

Y not, perf bara + my mediocre af gear


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