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Best rogue build for mid to low level

Don't listen to end game players for starters. Their builds do not apply to low level dragonlord or frozen level.
Get yourself a Jalan ironroot set
Haste ring
Godly Dex, Str, or Vit bracelets unless you can afford a good lux bracelet
Any 140 axe will do but most go with fire or ice at this level.
Bone dagger works better than the undefeated dagger and some of the mono daggers. Plus your overall stats are just better with bone dagger. This is why I prefer to be slightly higher level so I can use the upgraded bone dagger as well as have both my mount and pet at lvl 5, (I use chicken for the Dex and healing because I solo a lot)
Shadowstrike or quickstrike rings to fill leftover ring slots and if you can't find those use riposte or ifesteal rings until you get them. That is until you can get 140-160 mono, paradai, or even extra Jalan rings.

Max out shadowstrike, quickstrike, riposte if u can but I prefer not to over max riposte as it leaves extra points for extra skills.

Skills I prefer Shadowstrike, quickstrike, riposte, lifesteal, rend. The other skills are purely situational skills that all depend on if you have a tank, if you are solo, etc.
Assassinate and sneaky attack I would avoid until you are killing bosses that actually take a long time to kill as you most likely would only use each skill once, sneaky maybe 2-3 times on a 6 star. Just not worth putting points into. I also avoid double attack as this is not a strength build and you will not have super high melee damage. You will be relying mostly on skills and moderate melee damage. Plus rogues just aren't made for super high melees. That's what warriors and rangers are for. Now once u get to endgame bosses yeah add more strength as those bosses have very high resists and you need all the damage you can get. Until then you are just adding points into strength for no reason because higher Dex will help you more at mid to low level.

Here's roughly the stats you should have as a solo player and actually are still good stats for locking. If you are about 160. Do not go over 160 until you have to or stay at 160 if u want it to be a frozen and low dl locker. U will severely lose lock level advantage after this on frizen. Staying at 150 would be fine as well but slightly less overall stats and u won't do much to king, spider, or priest.

700 Dex
500 Vit
450 str
I recommend higher focus if using Jalan as you don't have the regen. So I use about 100 focus.

These stats are a rough estimate and you should have a few more points to play with. If you do I'd up the Dex or str a bit.

These tips are solely my own and have worked extremely well for me.
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