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Rogue Build and Point's Question.

So I have a few questions about rogue builds and skills, my character which is my main alt is only about level 60 and I have come to wonder about the build and points.

At about level 45ish I was getting annoyed because every time I went stealth to use Sneaky attack I got seen and as such the skill became redundant. It was so frustrating I decided to spec out of it.

I had my points spread between Hide, Sneaky Attack, Quickstrike, Rend, Poison Weapons and Fast Reflex (never had Riposte at time).

I now do have Riposte as well as Expose Weakness, Smoke Bomb and Distract.

My wife has a Rogue and swears by sneaky attack.

Am I playing the character all wrong?

Was thinking of spreading my points between Hide, Sneaky Attack, Quickstrike, Riposte, Rend, Poison Weapons and Fast Reflex would this be recommended?

What do you guys use?
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Re: Rogue Build and Point's Question.

For dagger i did sneaky , ss , qs , dbl attack and riposte .... trick of it is if u have ss u hv to hit ss first then sneaky directly after .. if u arent lookin for work drop sneaky and use pois weap or assass

Spear id say dbl attack , ss , qs , riposte , assass and pois weap ....
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Re: Rogue Build and Point's Question.

Hey there,
I'm considering that you don't have shadowstrike atm. It's the best skill for you, so you should either farm it in murky vaults (80+) or buy it off players. Another great skills to buy are riposte, life steal and double attack.
A pretty typical skill set for rogues who are still leveling would be Shadowstrike, quick strike, riposte, life steal and rend. Sneaky attack is a skill I'd leave until I'm bossing, and you can boss with your leveling build in OW for Frozen armour.
If you're solo leveling, I'd consider having enough health to survive easily with the rest points distributed between strength and dexterity with more in dexterity, generally I'll put in vit until I'm satisfied and then the rest is distributed in between strength and dexterity, with more in dexterity at your level. If you're grouping with others to level, drop your vit a bit, but not that drastically. Hope this helps you out.
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