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Best pet

Greetings to my fellow rogues,
Consider yourself to have 6 dragon eggs, and 128 pet tokens. Which pet would you get and why? I'm taking in consideration end game perspective (more utility, usefulness, etc.)
Also, if a dragon, which colour is the best overall (green/red/blue/black)?
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Re: Best pet

Dragon is the best pet if you had 6 eggs and 128 tokens. Ice would be the best dragon to get in the current game. My advice would be to wait for gardens and see what element is best there since that is what will be classified as the new end game.
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Re: Best pet

I like poison, piercing, and divine damage so I got a poison damage dragon(I named him Google :)). I personally favor poison damage just because I think it does decent overall in all areas, even in the tower where it is more highly resisted. The poison dragon also does way more dmg than the spider. I'm currently leveling my new rogue and the aoe skill along with riposte is absolutely devastating on mobs.

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