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Rouge LVL 100+ Solo Build

Hi everyone. I'm a level 92 rouge but will be soon hitting level 100 in a day or two. I am posting this as i need help and what to do for my stats after i reach 100. I want the most efficient and best build to get the most xp out of a lix and for low level bossing. I level using sks and health and energy regen lixes. The gear that i will be using when i hit level 100 are:
Full warden (i will have met soon)
Warden Quest Dagger
Level 100 Arcane Dagger Of Haste
Level 100 Mountain Ammy
Cronach's Frostroot Charm
Minor Renegades Circlet Of The Ridge
Greater Frostiron Bracelet Of Stealth
Grand Rings Of Riposte And Life Steal
Greater Ring Of Shadowstrike
My current stats at level 92 are: Strength 110 (270), Dexterity 120, Focus 30 and Vitality 225 (245). My numbers from these current stats are health 1.6K, energy 200, attack 893, damage 424, defense 240, armor 229. My current skills that i use are fast reflex, ss, sneaky attack, riposte and life steal. I do not really wanna change my gear as i have chosen these gears based on the amount of money i have after i buy the gear to still allow me to buy lixes to level. I am only really after advice on my stats but still am open to all advice on everything as everything helps me out.

Re: Rouge LVL 100+ Solo Build

Hey there!
If I'm not wrong, level 100 to 130 are done at Otherworld (I'm not taking in consideration the new Quest Series, otherwise you can get to 150ish). If you are that guy who wants to get to carrowmore fast because it's generally rogue's playground, I'd do 2.5k HP at least as the wraiths are going to mess up your health a lot. I'd go with an equal mix of strength and dexterity with a bit more towards dexterity (varies, I always liked a more strength inclined build for leveling, dex build for locking). For skills I'd use shadowstrike, quickstrike, life steal, riposte, rend (at level 1) and rest in poison weapons/fast reflexes (whichever you like, but keep poison weapons for lixing when you are in carrowmore). Hope this helps you, have fun playing a rogue!

On a second note, the haste dagger is not a good option. I'd go with the axe/regen dagger along with haste ring if you can afford it.
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