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Questions about locking for Carrow

Hello, I'm new to the rogue world and I'm going to be making a lock rouge. Here are my questions:

1. I was assuming that level 190 is the perfect locking level since it is in range for no penalty on: Sreng, Snorri, Mordris, Hrungrir and Necromancer . Is this an ideal locking level for just those bosses? These are the only bosses I would be targeting.

2. Whats the best skill setup for a locking rouge?

3. What gear and armor should one wear as a locking rouge? If I were to do level 190. Would poison damage be the best? Would a Garnak blood thorn set and Hrung posion damage rings be good as well? Would a level 150 lux dagger be more beneficial that the 180 lux one? just curious sine the 150 one adds 30% haste increase, a skill, 150 elemental damage and +200 dex. Is a 190 or 185 Necromancer dagger also good for locking? Basically, what would be a good armor, weapon and jewelry setup :)

These are my questions :) Hopefully a kind person will be willing to answer them!

Re: Questions about locking for Carrow

for carrow in particular, use dexterity to amplify poision damage skills, depending on how hard you are trying, you should try and get a hrung shadowstrike helm and hotswap it when youre about to cast.
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Re: Questions about locking for Carrow

Stay at 190. SS helm, occult boots and breeches, bone hands, dl top for DL locking. 180 poison/haste offhand or dl offhand. DL dagger would be nice. If you have a poison mord dex spear, you can use that, otherwise poison necro dagger (better autos, I can explain why if asked). Pile into dex, ss qs riposte lifesteal and poison weapon. Strictly for locking, I would use a 150 sun ammy, but if you get your hands on a gara blood set, use it. Dex spider charm/high tier sun direct dmg charm. Mord qs and lifesteal brace, and hrung attack/damage brace. Dex rings, a higher tier poison dmg hrung ring would be good too, spider qs ring and other swaps. Spider pet.

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