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Re: Best eg rogue ammy

I use Stormcaller ammy and It's really great for dps. I personally prefer, and I know alot of my clannies also do stormcaller over runic valour. The str bonus and attack skill Stormcaller adds are really great.
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Re: Best eg rogue ammy

Rogue4Life wrote:Good stand alone ammys for str and Dex build are 1F15560F-1B47-42BA-9938-3AA8BABEEDD2.jpegA08D3090-974A-4FD2-8A5F-7612A4C08911.jpeg
the second one is nice to hotbar when casting ss. Otherwise i wouldnt use either of them unless my role was support rogue casting smoke and expose. For dps stargem and runic ammy are both far superior
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