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Level 100 rouge lux

Hey right now I'm almost to level 100 on my rouge need 6 more levels lol was wondering when I get to 100 what lux and gear should I buy gold is not a problem I keep hearing different sides about the sun ammy is it good for soloing or bossing or both ? And also any tips on gear to lessen the amount of restos would be appreciated thanks.

Re: Level 100 rouge lux

I personally think the Sun Ammy is great, not only for stats but also should give you more than enough regen as long as your damage isn't strictly from skills which frees up your offhand/ring/brace slots for damage or survivability items if you need them. Don't really know too much on the best offhands to use at 100 for a rogue because it all depends on your build (dps/hybrid/lock/etc.) but I personally like the fire axe as it gives you the nice str bonus and since you can start kelpie horns at 105 i think it is, that and razorclaw should take you up to around 114-116ish, then you just need to lvl up to 120 to start sent which gets you up to 142+ (I did sent till 145 mainly for the nice gold it gives but exp was also somewhat decent till then as well, easier and cheaper than lixing). Getting to 142 like that means you skip the fire boggans where your axe would be least effective. Not really sure if this helped because I'm still pretty derp at rogue but thats my take on it, Good Luck!
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Re: Level 100 rouge lux

For off-hand this is how I choose:

Need regen + strength build? Dagger of Slaying + DPS Ammy

Need more dps don't care for regen + any build? Axe + DPS Ammy

Dex build + Need Regen? Axe + Regen ammy or Haste Dagger + Regen Ammy

Just cutting this short because I'm busy, but basically the offhand I choose is usually determined by which jewellery I have. Rogues generally never need more than 10-20 tick energy (Lix for levelling, and lix for 6* bosses, etc).

My own rogue used Dagger of Slaying with a 100 elemental damage ammy from 100-150, a strength ammy would've probably been better, and the 20 tick energy was definitely enough with 10 focus (40-60 with gear/mount).

At 150 (155) I'm using the Axe of Conquest however, because I had a lock build and had mostly dexterity. Right now I'm considering switching to the Dagger of Bounty because I've just respecced to strength for levelling and overal dps, and that might be more beneficial.

I use the Dagger of Slaying / Bounty offhands for strength toons because the 20-25 pierce scales heavily with strength, on top of the 60-80 poison damage, and adequate 20/20-25/25 tick regen.

I usually use my jewellery to determine the offhand I want.
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