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Instant Poison Weapon / Fast Reflexes

I think OTM should turn both - Poison Weapon and Fast Reflexes to a Instant cast skill. Just as Shadowstrike and Quick Strike are Instant.

This would be very efficient for both - leveling and bossing.

One of of the main reasons I don't use either, is because when I'm lixing I don't like to waste too much time casting them. Plus sometimes they interrupt due to mobs attacking me..

What do u guys think? Wouldn't this highly benefit the use of those 2 skills?
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Re: Instant Poison Weapon / Fast Reflexes

They cant just do this for rogue. If they did that means sharpen weaps steady aim stance frenzy fire cloak and potentially druid buffs abundance aura shield of bark all need to be insta cast also
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Re: Instant Poison Weapon / Fast Reflexes

I tried suggesting they have a faster cast time before, but as usual haters which are mostly other classes didn't like rogues getting any buffs even if it's reasonable all buff skills are faster than poison wep and reflex you can test it if you don't believe me, if it was up to them we'd have no skills to use other than bandage wounds and play dead


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