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Meteoric Dagger Vs Icelord Dagger

betweeen these two daggers i have tested both on numerous bosses, and still cannot find a better choice for boss fights...Meteoric dagger has incredible speed "1950", but lacks in damage which is "50" compared to the Icelord dagger with "90" damage and lacks in speed which is "5200" speed. So can anyone help me out and tell me which one would be better off in boss fights?..Thank you :)
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Re: Meteoric Dagger Vs Icelord Dagger

Tathan wrote:Icelord dagger is way better.
Now get to the Arwan forum and look for the Let's boycott post.
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You don't have either of these weapons. In fact you haven't even made lvl 60 and you started during the haloween patch... You have no idea what you are talking about...
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Re: Meteoric Dagger Vs Icelord Dagger

Depends what your killing simply.

A meteor boss such as deadroot would be best to use meteoric because its a long fight. Dies slowly, leaving a lot of time for you to put in damage with meteoric dagger, while you would waste time with icelord dagger because since its such a high boss, you typically miss a lot.

A rare wisp for example, would probably be best to use icelord dagger, because it dies very quick if your not soloing. Only use icelord dagger on a rare wisp, or quickly dieing boss like fellfire, chillmist etc...

Bottom line...

Meteoric dagger is best for any high boss or whenever your soloing. Lower levels should use this. Adding dex helps you hit more and miss less so i reccomend just a little.

Icelord dagger for ksing mobs, rare wisp, etc. Only use if high level and have almost full strength. Best for skills hits. Higher level the better because more strength... meaning higher skills hit.
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Re: Meteoric Dagger Vs Icelord Dagger

Right now the icelord dagger is way better plus you can spam skills to make up for the slowness. But after update break out the dragons and get warrden because with the weight affecting the skills and the more extremely expensive energy costs for skills you will need speed speed speed and icelord dagger will just be holiday collectable.

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