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Re: 1-221*UPDATED*


Exactly pacifically or maybe higher, at 183 about, when you go up the stairs (where mobs start at 186), there is ONLY 2 1s and VERY rare 3s ONLY. SO NO 4s in your way. Its better xp and faster and cheaper because it wont have all that time consuming, there are certain spots only those spawn so all you need to do is go in a circle loop and you will also never run out of mobs. If you have good energy and life steal you may not even have to even resto, I am using blood set so no energy but unless I meet that dumb mage with op cloak I never have to resto for health. (Full dex, good strength additions) Thank You.
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Re: 1-221*UPDATED*

Rdogga wrote:Great guide!! It helped out alot. Im wondering how much strength I should use at lvl 130 (almost there) if I am mostly dex built. Im also wondering if frozen is better then Obsidian. Thanks :)

Obsidian is better dps frozen is better survivability and hp/energy pool

I don't use any strength but all my gear is str like axe offhand etc
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