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Levelling Guide 1 to 221, revamp coming soon

Disclaimer: I am in no way the best rogue and I might not ever be, but I have compiled a comprehensive list of what I believe to be the best way to level to 221 and beyond

Note: this guide is under the assumption that:
A) you have or will spend enough money on the game for around 40,000 platinum or more(advised to wait for double plat)
B) you have a main and have a decent amount of gold/lux

If you are a player starting from nothing still read through the guide and take note of the luxury items so when you get richer from farming/levelling you know what to buy.

Level 1-50 lux&skills
Lux advised:
Heroic Amulet of Rejuvenation- 200,000gold available in the Farcrag luxury item store(gives health energy armour and 20 Regens of health and energy per tick(approx 1.5-2.5 seconds a tick)

Heroic gloves of haste- 150,000 gold available in the Farcrag luxury store(increases Attack speed 30%)

Lux not advised but will help out substantially:

80%+ mount
-either 1mill to the mount store in farcrag courtyard(not reccomended)
-open many chests and pray for luck(not recommended) buy from another player(recommended)
-will cost anywhere from 200,000-350,000 depending on your world.

Heroic boots of haste- 150,000 gold- Farcrag luxury item store(increases running speed 30%)

Golden bodkin of spirits- 175,000 gold- Farcrag luxury item store(12 piercing Dmg offhand 10 regens per tick)

Have the lux advised and choose wether you want non advised will speed your gameplay up but not 100% needed

Gear Dosent change much in tower just level up higher, i would suggest getting a high up riposte ring imperial or godly tower ring as they are awesome

Sneaky attack(recommended)
Riposte(must use)
Shadowstrike(must use)
Rend(not recommended)
Assassinate(not recommended)
Life steal(recommended)
Poison weapon(not recommended)

EDIT for tower:
Sneaky attack
Quickstrike/Shadowstrike(this really depends if your going str use qs if your going dex use shadowstrike, or just use both)
Fast Reflexs
Lifesteal(if your using qs and shadowstrike, Ditch this skill)

Most other skills are not worthy of mention but I will point out fast reflexes which can majorly decrease Restos usage If training with a druid don't worry Tho.

Items that you will use most of the way 1-190
Royal shadowstrike ring- +5 to shadowstrike
Grand shadowstrike ring- +4 to shadowstrike
Royal riposte ring- +5 to riposte
Reaper/haste ring when 100+ until then use a grand riposte and when Lixin switch out haste ring for grand riposte but not reaper if u get that.

damage ones(crush/pierce/slashing) are probably the best until 120+ or the new sneaky Attack event ones.

1-50 levelling

1-20 follow Brennan the Warriors story quests through castle, crookback, highshore village, bandit camp, skullcrushers, dustwither along the way kill a few extra mobs to level up so you don't escape the level of mobs you will be fighting later on

By now you have completed the curse and victory march you are now a fully fledged hero. Are you ready to enter the world of celtic heroes?


20-28 Go to Dustwither and level on the acolytes until level 22 then run past those rooms into a room with skeletons on both sides, kill these until level 25 run into the deaths caress and take a left where you will see level 27 skeletons train on these until level 28 you are now ready for shalmont


Go to shalmont and talk with Isla macroin she will give you the beggining to the long shalmont series follow these as you did the starting story line remembering to level on the mobs where you recieve your quest as the levels of the mobs rapidly increase between quests eventually you will of killed luther and now are done with these kind of quests.


Go past the camp at shalmont river where the LVL 50-53 sword wielding mobs are and the archers the 1* have only 250 hp and you will be 1 shotting them with sneaky Attack easily, stay on these till 52


Now your at level 50 and a new array of lux has been revealed to you, unfortunately unless buying from another player this lux won't be available until level 60 and you can enter the otherworld. All this lux is available at the scavenger near the ow portal 25,000 gold is needed to view his shop

Lux you want:
Golden blade ice/fire/magic 250,000, I personally prefer fire or ice but Dosent matter too much for the blades

For now no more lux is needed from this shop although there is some extras it has which you might want but aren't completely needed which is

Golden helm of ????, 150,000(deals 50 ice/magic/fire dmg depending on what you get)

From now you can leave the safety of Shalmont and enter Stonevale a mystical land of magic corrupted by Crom and Falgren Bloodbinder.

Start training on the boars at the northern road until level 55 then move to the southern road and train on the wisps until 58. Move to stonevale farm and kill the Fairys across the bridge stay away from the 3* Fairys called loredancers as they have a energy shield which can be particularly deadly as you will not be able to break it at low levels. Train on Fairys till 62 then move to the blue wisps on the other side of stonevale farm in a path leading to the big clearing in stonevale kill all these and then teleport back to the farm and go up path again if on an elixer you will be killing them faster and will have to run along stonevale wall killing white wisps unicorns and bloodgrove acolytes till you reach the other side of the path where there is more blue wisps then run down that path slaughtering wisps and tele back to farm REPEAT till level 68 now move into the clearing full time killing unicorns and white wisps try and stay away from the bloodgroves unless it's an acolyte one stay here until level 72


Now you are ready for some really quick levelling on the Pirates in Fingals Cave go to the ley and run to The cave halfway up the path is a great spot to level up to 80, at this point you should start using Lixs but still not needed.
Now your level 80 move from that cave into the water and there is a island with a bunch of mobs 3 and 4*, level here until 85 move into the end caves where you will level to 90


There's probably some epic spot in the sewers but if there isn't just do the purple eyes till 93 and blue eyes till 98 then go to the trees until you hit 100

Now your level 100 you have a new shop open called ??? And other great items

Some items you will be wanting:
Full radiant es or Atleast pants, bp and helm, very expensive and rare but the best gear Until dl highly reccomended(note this armour is next to impossible to get so dont count on it, lesser versions are still good but waiting till obsidian is advised)

The level 100 vendor sells strong luxury items that will be invaluable to your arsenal such as:

Level 100 axe offhand, Definatly want ice as the mobs 100-150 have low resistance
And possibly a dmg helm????
Also a haste ring unless your getting reaper*

Other lux not available at store anymore*

Midnight talisman probably the best tali until lvl 150 and since new lux these babies go for as low as 550k in my world and up to 700-800k maybe higher
Reaper ring one of the most expensive items in the game and extremely strong, it is overrated for its price but if you are a huge plat buyer and have money to burn Id Definatly suggest buying this probably will go for 1-5m depending on world.

Most of the other lux in store i don't recommend, stick to your ss/rip rings and Dmg/event braces.


Stick to those same Ashborn trees until 103 killing kelpies when you run out. When you hit 103 move full time to kelpies and stick to them until 108 or you can do 106- 108 at the red spiders in carrowmore tunnels, the Middle of three caves on the right side of carrow ive heard they are good but don't have first hand experience, move further into the otherworld where the green trees spawn and kill them until 112 then move to brown trees which are further down until 116.
Now you can start in Carrowmore tunnels, Go to the camp and run towards the boggan caves but don't go inside, on the outside there will be a lot of 1* 120 boggans kill these and sometimes the 125 ones until level 121

Obsidian and onyx armour is now available, 120 is the gloves going up in increments of 3 so 135 will be the bp. You require runes of summoning dropped by the blackstones(4* have higher drop rate). Minor rune(gloves) lesser rune(boots) common rune(helmet) greater rune(legs) grand rune(bp), you need 5 of each rune to obtain the onyx version of the armour, and a further 10 of each rune for the more powerful obsidian version this is reccommended armour until dl and is better than the bone armour only except for helmet and gloves and legs if using sneaky attack.

Train on the blackstones across the bridge until level 128, now begins the long boggan crawl.
128-150 just follow the boggans around your level and don't go more than 3 levels above the lowest boggan in your room.
128-133 pale boggans
133-138 red boggans
138-141 boggan lizards inbetween red and pale boggan rooms
141-143 green boggans
143-148 yellow boggans
148-153 light purple boggans

150 finally your there and can use any shop item!
First of all get rid of the 100 ice axe and get a 150 also ice or if you have tons money get fire until 176 and then change to ice because it's more effective past 176.

A luxury set from the 150 event yule shop dex/str Ammy, str brace and 50 cold Dmg ring
A sunfire damage charm 70-100 145-175 reqs preferably poison damage

As for Beastbone armour I suggest get full of it unless you have rad es bp and legs then get helm, gloves, but keep rad bp/legs and obsidian boots, trade out all these for dl as you obtain it and a mordris helm.

Dark purple boggans

Throneguard boggans up near the back 2 caves and if you run out of them go into the priest room and kill the adds there, if priest is up be sure to call your clan!

Go into the first room of Firbolgs and kill them, stay well away from the troll and be sure to call clan/friends if Warchief spawns it will drop around 10-20k gold solo so in a group 7-13k gold.

Train on the trolls near the deep ley, will need 3-5k hp for these as the crushing blow attack is godly damage hitting 2k+ in extreme cases, druid is extremely recommended off or in group.

Go past the troll line and there will be higher level mobs increasingly until the 4 fire Wyrms at level 178 each just above Snorri spawn, stay there until 179 then move over to the wyrms in Mordris cavern

Basically your whole life will just be doing loops around the wyrms and it will be hell, but if you get a druid or a tank with another dps give the trolls a go they have higher level mobs and spawn rates and will give better xp


Trolls and wyrm loops only way to level at this high. Apparently there is some 190 mobs at the necromancer that give xp, will need confirmation on that, imo just do killain and Dailys and save ur lixs for tower update it will be coming soon.

This is my opinion of the best way to get 190+ solo most of the way it might clash with other ideas if that is so compare both and see which works best for you.


I would suggest sticking with my guide until 181 now because now there is better spots to train past there,

Unfortunatly i never levelled in the tower 181-190 so i dont actually know where to level or the best spot, just go somewhere in alchemical quarters.

NOTE: i would not advise buying the new 180 lux as its a short climb to 200, as for the dagger it is only a slight boost to wyrmbone and optional id suggest waiting for 200 dagger unless you have money to spend but if you have dl dagger dont buy it.

Go to Wizards Leystone in Floor 3 straight infront you will see many goblins and tower guards, run around killing these until 194, id suggest group levelling but there isnt any need to, will just save you restos. 195-201 go to the level 200 edl boss and train on the adds there, they do very low dmg and as long as you have dl armour you wont be using much restos except for energy(they have no drops so if your desperate for vials train elsewere but this is the best place for xp)

Lux shop- What you want, 80 cold dmg/ str brace, Runic rings(str/attack/hp)1 or 2 of these, if using reaper ring dont buy new haste ring if not using it buy the haste ring, id suggest not getting the 240 ammy if you have garanak set, offhand axe(fire/heat(never magic)), from the 200 shop id suggest getting the thaumaturgic dagger but nothing else( i prefer dl armour)

Go too the First leystone on floor 4 and train on the path going down, Avoid hexwyrms and 4* mages kill these until 203 now go to the second ley and run straight then run in rings around that pathway avoiding hexwyrms and 4* mages and 4* steelsouls. Now there is a dilema this is mostly a solo guide but i HIGHLY advise you to group up and go to Revenant of Anguish adds they are 210 4* and with the right group will give you some incredible xp, i suggest 2 rogues 1 mage and 1 druid i managed to get 2 bars a lix here on heroic know once. You can still do rev adds solo but they are so hard and will eat your restos but still good xp.

Now go to floor 5 first leystone and kill the mobs right infront of you go right and kill all the robots down there, then ley and go left then once your done there(dont kill eye with the mage near it) ley back kill mobs infront and repeat do this until 212. Now get atleast 6k hp or a druid with you and go to the unox adds 215 boss at the very top hallway of the map, these guys are good xp and die quick but do incredible damage(500-1k autos), now train on those green eyes just before the unox adds and when done with them run down abit into the green eye room until 217, now go to the hallway where sentinel omicron is and lix on those 219-220 adds until you are 221, Good luck heroes

Now for the stats:

If you have all the lux i recommended no Vit will be needed just upgrade strength
Add vit now and keep it around 2k by level 100 then strength
Keep Vit at 2-2.5k and lots of strength
Now is the time to switch to dex not only giving you more attack but defense also stats should be 2-2.5k vit and all dex

Add 50-100 strength and if doing trolls without druid more vit

Rebirth again drop vit to 2.5-3k, 100(base str without gear bonus) strength and rest in dexterity

Choose for yourself wether you stick to dex build or drop it and go full str, personally even at this level i found i got more kills on my dex build then full strength due to hitting attacks more often

190-220 as shadowstrike was nerfed most people dont like dex builds anymore, shadowstrike is only nerfed on some mobs, eyes have almost no resistance so i suggest 4k-6k vit depending on if going solo or group training, solo= more vit, full dex build as usual maybe switch to strength when your going to stop levelling(if you want, i know i wont)

-Friddo, World: Gwyidon

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Re: 1-190 as promised

XxDiabloxX wrote:1. amazing guide!
2. what is a sticky? lol
thanks for the guide but at i think 106-108 i lvled fairly fast at red spiders in carrow

I left them out just because the poison Dmg they use is really strong dmg and hit huge dmg on me when I trainef there, kelpies while slower levelling where much more cost efficent, thnx for the feedback
Sticky is when the guide is stuck to the top of the list of threads and won't be moved so all new threads go under it, see how pigmans guide to guides has a lightbulb shape thing on it, that is stickied
Added spiders to the guide!
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Re: 1-190 as promised

M7mdm wrote:Nice guide, but who buys the lux for its full price.. And you dont really need full radiant es or damage helms i'd buy more lixs with that.

People who don't like standing around asking for selling/buying things(a lot of plat buyers who simply do not care do this), im just telling people shop price so they know what to buy it for around,
The radiant is optional yes, but still the best gear
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