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post your rogue levels here.

hey guys, i was feeling kind of bored so i thought id make a page for people to post all there rogue levels :D

my rogue is named Toxiczz and is level 80... :D
toxicpain - level 119!+ warrior
Toxiczz - level 110+ rogue
toxicdruid - level 82+ druid
TOXICFIRESHOT - level 56+ mage
World lugh


toxicpainz - rogue - level 120
Wrench - mage - level 115

World - Donn

Re: post your rogue levels here.

sup toxy :)
Level 83+ Rogue
Probs about 3rd earliest rogues on Lugh :D
Full moonshadow, Zodiac greaves, boots, gloves and helm. Jerkin I haven't got yet.
Metoeric dagger and gold bodkin.
IGN: Animez3
Class: Rogue
Level: 83+
Clan: Bezerkers
IGN: Animez2
Class: Ranger
Level: 42+
IGN: Animez4
Class: Warrior
Level: 52+
IGN: Animez5
Class: Druid
Level: 50+
IGN: Animez7
Class: Mage
Level: 50+

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