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Re: Offhand

flamingduckee wrote:Depends in ur strength but doing the math dagger of slaying can never do more dmg than axe some warrior did some crazy math equation and proved that

That is correct that by formula the dagger will not add more than an axe, not to mention the str loss, however in certain conditions each offhand can top the other.
One of the reasons to use dagger is for warriors with frenzy (then dagger will add more than axe), but again it depends on the situation as well.
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Re: Offhand

The dagger can top the axe in some situations. With max str from summer event sets and other boosts, even if it doesn't beat the axe, it adds poison dmg and so will do more than the axe
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Re: Offhand

For most endgame rogues they are full str since str usually better for endgame bosses since endgame skills are mostly str based. Before i got dl offhand i used axe...we have about an equal amount of axe and dagger using rogues in clan, and i can say that dagger rogues barely got any kills, never on endgames even when the sport 900+ str. Yes peirce goes off of str and poison is generally unresistable, but axe adds 300 dmg and str boost, which will boost, qs, sneaky, dbl, assasinate etc, sneaky dbl never misses and qs seldom does, but on bosses autos miss a considerable amount, overall axe has and will contine to be the best lux offhand.
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Re: Offhand

Should also remember that the axe doesn't give any other bonuses, whereas dagger can give regen or attack speed increase.

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