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Re: My Extremely Cheap No Energy Consumptio Build

Swan wrote:
Dopeehead wrote:I don't disagree with the stats as they are basic stats for a hybrid type of rogue.
Skills I'd use?
Qs maxed.
Reflex maxed.
Sneaky half.
PW maxed
meditate at 1.
Remaining in rend.

So replace bandage/meditate with sneaky/rend, but keep everything else the same.

You could've just said that in the first place instead of calling the entire thing useless. That's what constructive criticism is. :)

Yes. But bandage and meditate were the main factors of this type of build and what was making it an exotic build. Which was the only reason why I called it useless. I called it useless because you wont farm or level very quickly running a build like this.
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Re: My Extremely Cheap No Energy Consumption Build

This build is extremely valid, Im lvling my rogue currently lvl 38 and if I fight a mob more than five lvls above me I find myself standing with meditate and recuperate for the next two mins. But I don't find it's so much an energy problem but a regen problem in general. And if I do fight mobs my lvl its three mobs instead of one. With this type of build you might take longer to kill a mob but in the long run ur saving urself lots of time. I am currently experimenting with a build like this and its working great. The only thing I would change is keep meditate at lvl 1 and put the rest in sneaky (I dont find that it kills ur energy enought so ur energy isnt full when hp is as long as you put points into focus 30 or so by lvl 50.)
Great job thrift.

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