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Post your favorite stats for a rogue.
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Re: Stats

Thats a fair amount while leveling, if you hit 85+ you should consider going to 1200hp. Also do not be afraid to max distract if your 85+ plus with haste and good dmg.

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Re: Stats and Skills

It depends on how you plan to play your character. If you have a leveling buddy or a power leveler, distract can be useful coming up through. If you are goin solo, I'd hold off putting anything into distract until you are ready for Stonevale bosses. At that point, use a Skill rest book (either bought through Ingame Store or a reward from the Evil in Stonevale boss quest) to readjust points into boss fighting skills.

Quick Attack, Hide, Sneaky, Rend, Psn Wpn should be your focus until then. I assume that since you have a 90+, you won't have much trouble with gear. New players often require points in recuperate, meditate, or fast reflexes if they don't add sigils or regen gear.

I do fine with 12/15 Distract. Leaves you a few extra points to put in other skills. If your healers have enough battlefield awareness, they should be casting calm on their damage dealers anyway.

Best of luck!

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Re: Stats and Skills

If your above level 80 i would say 160 or 1000 health is a great amount for levelling. With full warden i am able to take down back to back level 78 masters without healing. If you plan on afking your levels if the worlds slow and assuming nobody has learned how to kill afkers yet dexterity may be a good option. If you still use Ancient or if you don't have Meteroic i would suggest that dexterity is a good option for bosses and levelling in general. Once you stop levelling as much or you begin another character you can change your stats to around 100 vitality or 625 health and the rest strength. At level 96 with like 400 strength and basically the best gear you can rack up some insane damage. If you have a extra few rebirth books then try all strength. I had it for a bit and i was able to beat some Warriors maxed taunt. So ya it depends really on your armour and what you plan on doing.
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