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STR vs. DEX an current skills

Lvl 40 rogue on Rosmerta here. I'm currently debating whether to add more points into str or dex.
My stats are:
Str: 90
Dex: 50
Foc: 30
Vit: 50
I have just enough health and mana to use fast reflexes, poison weapon and then quickstrike + rend a few times to kill a few mobs before healing / meditating.

I'd like to know the opinions from some of the strongest rogues in the game. Is it true dex becomes less and less valuable late game? Or is that completely false. What ratio of Str:Dex do you recommend?
Where do you think I should allocate more points.

Also what do you think of dagger vs. Spears? I personally stick to daggers but have seen quite a few spear rogues on my server. A friend of mine says go Str for spear rogue and dex for dagger. Thus he recommends that I add points into dex for the next 10 levels or so. What do you guys think?

Also bringing up the question of skills again.
I'm maxing quick strike, then rend, fast reflexes, and putting some points into bandage, meditate and poison. I've given up on hide as I no longer find it useful, especially for farming. When you add the cost of a hide + sneaky attack, the damage to energy ratio is almost the same as quick strike which is spamable. I see sneaky only to be useful in group settings now.

Just curious what you guys think, any feedback is appreciated.

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Re: STR vs. DEX an current skills

I was wondering the same thing, so I respec'ed my lv75 rogue;

Old stats:
STR 170
DEX 80
FOC 50
VIT 85

Had about 500 hp, dodged and parried a bit (now thinking "a bit" was around 40-50%), not much help in boss fights as you're not going to dodge/parry at all. Not sure about chance to hit I tended to miss (even lv 1 mobs) about 30% of the time (missed 3 out of 10 swings).

After respec:
STR 170
FOC 50
VIT 170

HP is about 1000, rare to dodge/parry anything, chance to hit unchanged (still around 30%), now putting points into DEX at level ups. I'm thinking 50-80 dex is fine.

Side note: I must have dodged a significant amount before, as even with 1000 hp, the same mobs still take me down to %50 health as when I had 500 hp.

Another side note: At high levels when you have regen gear the amount of Energy you have is less important, you will regen almost as fast at you can spam skills, so any more that 50 FOC will be wasted points. If I respec again, I will downgrade FOC to 35-40.

You want Distract for boss fights or you will never get a drop cuz you'll be constantly running back from the leystone.
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Re: STR vs. DEX an current skills

Thanks for the feed back. I don't think Dex is a completely useless stat. Maybe for boss fights, but even then I think the attack makes some difference. I wish they'd balance stats more in the next update as right now they are quite ambiguous. I just recently added points into sneaky but I'm still waiting for my rejuv item to get hide.

Re: STR vs. DEX an current skills

My rogue has
240 str
60 dex
30 foc
105 vit

I am lvl 83 right now but not able to bring down a 4* frost elder or 4* dreadcloud. Everything else is fair game though using warden dagger and ancient warblade with normal warden armor except for shirt and heroic rejuv and gloves of haste.

Hope this helps.

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Re: STR vs. DEX an current skills

Wow you guys use a lot of Focus... I did have 50 while i had a 15 regen but now i have a 30 regen as well as parts of meteoric. Even with rend, quick attack, sneak, hide and bandage maxed i still have enough energy with 5 focus. For some reason we get extra energy with meteoric which i kinda hate but thats the way it is. Still debating on Str vs. Dex since the 2 Rogues above me have 400 str, 5 dex, 5 focus and 100 vit while the other has i believe 118 dex, 5 focus and 180 vit and the remainder into Str at level 94. Both do good damage but I'm just debating wether i want to get rid of my dex and lower my vit or go with dex.
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Re: STR vs. DEX an current skills

Im level 54 on Crom (2KN)

My stats:

Str 90
Dex 50
Focus 65
Vit 75

It works out pretty well but i do have WAYYY TOO MUCH Energy for only 500 Health.

Id get your dex to 50 so you can use all weapons/Armor

and then put a decent amount on vitality, and a little focus so your not eatiing you energy too fast then the rest strength.
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Re: STR vs. DEX an current skills

I have too much energy right now... With 235, 50, 5, 160 i have 218 energy. Thats without heroic haste gloves or boots. Its kinda annoying because my regen is 30 and its enough to never run out of energy. Zodiac helps if you have it. As for Str vs Dex... I may do Str simply because i believe it affects your skills... I may be wrong but with quick attack you could be doing constant high hits on whoever. It would be interesting to see how it changes in the update because most people have low vitality right now because all we do is boss fights. It also may be that you can 2 hit everything up to fells and with sneak branch twisters within a second or two. Also with my build i can kill a level 78 master and 77 master and still have a few hundred health let if i fight both at the same time, without sneaky. I don't know if thats good but if you could try it out it would be cool to compare.
World: Morrigan
Clan: Avalon
Name: DeathsShadow
Level: 87
Class: Rogue
Longest playing Rogue in Morrigan...

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