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New Build

Heyy everyone just wanted to check with ya'll what ya think about my new build
I use a royal energy ring to cover the energy loss from the dl set(haven't gone the ring on in the stats pic)
2 royal aggy rings, 1 80 dmg hrung ring
A maj vit and dex riftskull brace, 80dmg 500hp 300cunnin hrung brace
Tali of stars an 70dmg charm
Shadow does 4.3k dmg
image.jpg (97.37 KiB) Viewed 399 times
image.jpg (95.01 KiB) Viewed 399 times
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Re: New Build

Noiceee buddy!

Should mebbe get some skill rings instead of the 2 aggy dmg rings though.. I'd probs go for a Royal Quickstrike and/or a Royal Sneaky to take them both to 50

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