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Re: Rogues agree with me?

Disagree, but it sucks that Shadow is not on the DL Armour.

Said from the start it should have been Shadowstrike on the boots... If you are 'leaping' into a mob, it only makes sense... Dissapointed in the option of expose weakness on the boots.
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Re: Rogues agree with me?

Smoke bomb is an essential rogue skill at the level of dragonlord. I definately feel the armour should be geared for killing bosses, not leveling
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Re: Rogues agree with me?

Except that, due to shadowstrike's damage type, rogues should be shadowstriking the main then running back, even when killing adds. Speeds up the bosses so much more.

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Re: Rogues agree with me?

No I like sneaky attack, but I think the expose weakness on boots is lame and agree with blrd. But anyways it seems all classes have a flub skill or 2 on their gear like sanctuary on druid legs for example.

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