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Re: Riposte

It lasts 6 seconds but only hits the mob 1-2 times cause of how slow the mobs attack
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Re: Riposte

I think the skills awesome.. Used it after a Warrior friend had casted Shatter.. Hit 1.6k, followed by 1.2k and then 1.3k.
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Re: Riposte

Somber wrote:Awesome skill, crappy duration.

That's why I'd like to see it last longer...I see it similar to fire cloak yet cloak lasts for 2 mins... at least give us 30 seconds :(

30 seconds would sorta make it op as i can kill the lv100 spiders 2 stars under 30 seconds , im only lv100 but i do agree duration needs to be increased,maybe to like
15-20 so if its 2 hits for 6 seconds thats about 6 in 18, just depends if its too long or op but IMO atm it needs improving
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Re: Riposte

The skill is too powerful to be as long as cloak of fire.
248874 wrote:Where do I get this skill

Somber wrote:Yes I'm going to start a petition to get duration changed... 1-2 hits from the skill is PATHETIC.

It's at trade-able skill tome dropped in Fingel's Caves

Really 248874? Do you even bother to read previous posts

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