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Leveling Problems - what am i doing wrong? :-(

Hello i am leveling a rogue and i have also Seen all the guides Here in Forum. My problem is, that i use Reflex and then poison before i go infight... But then i am at 40% mana and if i wait for mana Regeneration the poison and Reflex buffs are Nearly gone.

I am lvl 27 and i am on 60/45/15/40 (Str,dex,Focus,vit)
I Maxed poison, Reflex and quickstrike. Atm i am leveling in catacombs.
I use a dagger in Main Hand and Another One in offhand.
Problem is that i am Out of Energy fast, i die very fast and dont feel making much Damage :-( what am i doing wrong??

Re: Leveling Problems - what am i doing wrong? :-(

Billybob wrote:Where and when do i get an ammy and rejuve? <noob> And: what is it? :-) </noob>

You have to buy from store for 200k it will give you 20 health and energy per tic when your a noob and get this item its like your playing a whole new game ... u can also just buy a 10 energy per tic energy ammy I use ir on my warrior when my ranger has my heroic ammy it only cost 50k and can handle ur energy problem
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Re: Leveling Problems - what am i doing wrong? :-(

Quigley the luxury shop vendor in Farcrag castle by the Fountain.

Put a few points in Bandage Wounds.. A very good skill for people with not much rejuv. You can also use Meditate at lvl 1 and it's still pretty effective.

Remember, you don't NEED energy to kill a mob, you do need health :)
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