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Poison Weapon

Im looking into a new skills and I want to know (from rouges that use it) how many points you have invested into it, what level are you currently at, and the amount of dexterity you have in your build. I am looking for information on the skill; dont post something like this skill has too low of a time period and dont use it. Thanks!
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Re: Poison Weapon

poison is also great for bosses, if youre under the level of a boss, you do more damage with a max poison, casting on some rogues or rangers who are over leveled on the boss than you would just hitting it
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Re: Poison Weapon

add to ur dmg is good no matter if its boss or solo, its an awesome skill even with low dex, my rouge is lvl 80, he has 60 (76) dex, its maxed out and it adds me 31 dmg (lvl 20)
31 dmg is awesome for solo and bosses
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Re: Poison Weapon

I personally don't like posion weap. Though I do have it maxed I would suggest don't use for bosses or solo ad the dps you tend to get from then(with higher end equip) is less then what u would hit without it. It's good like Pigman said for buffing someone muh higher then u on a boss like aggy but even when u get within 10 lvls of that boss you would probs give out more dps by yourself without casting then budding 3 player( which I believe is max you can keep buff up in a minute) I use for duels which it's nice but solo an boss it tends to not help so much
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Re: Poison Weapon

i totally agree, its a waste of time during a kill or during the lvling, especially if u are in group. but when u solo a boss or soething like that (high star mob) it helped me a lot=p i have a lot of HP, and i focus on auto dmg: no rejuv item use!!=p as i dont use skill 99% of the time, apart rend, sometime assasinate, smokebomb and...poison weapon=p
during solo bossing it give u a very good advantage of "Free dmg"
but i agree that poison isnt nececarry for every lvl...and for different build


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Re: Poison Weapon

Hey Nad, i got it maxed at level 153, Gives me 77 Damage, a good boost as poison isn't resisted by anything in OW. Use a good Dex Str Vit build if you want it to be worth your while.

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