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Lvl 185 lock rogue help

Need help in how to build a lock rogue (Which is better, Dex or Strength for lock rogues). What type of rings and stuff I need (Damage rings, stat rings, or skill rings). Genuinely have no clue what makes a lock rogue really. Any advice is appreciated!

Currently level 180 right now but heres what I’m using/planning on using:

Head: Mighty Shadowstrike Hrung Helm (+6, +400dmg)

Chest: Occult Top (Don’t know what stats it gives)

Shoes: Occult Shoes (Same)

Hands: Ancient beastbone (+300 quickstrike)

Pants: Ancient beastbone (+200 sneaky)

Offhand: Lvl 100 fire axe (Dunno what to swap it with)

Mainhand: Currently ancient wyrmbone but will swap with shadow fatal wound dagger

Jewellery: Comrak/Jalan BT set, x2 +40 dmg rings, lv180 haste ring, bracelet of souls, lesser riftskull brace.

Pet: lv4 yellow spider
Mount: lv3 brown bear

Stats: 221(701) strength
378(588) dexterity
10 focus
321(341) vitality

Health: 2801
Energy: 522

Attack: 3371
Damage: 1289 (1382 with poison weapons)
Defence: 1178 (2167 with fast reflexes)
Armour: 344


Rend (4 points)
Poison weapons
Fast reflexes
Sneaky (1 points)

Re: Lvl 185 lock rogue help

I prefer dex with str from gear.

The reason I prefer dex when using a lock rogue like that is you can maximize your 'attack' so you are going to have a higher hit chance. Which is very important especially on the first couple of hits because on a lot of mobs those hits account for who's going to get the lock.
Still want some strength through gear for -
Sneaky attack + Quickstrike

1. (Shadow strike)
2. (Sneak attack)
3. (Quickstrike)
4. (Poison weapon) Good for carrow
Buff with 4 before the boss spawns.
Sneaky or ss to start. I'd do ss/sneaky/qs

Double attack is also a very viable skill! Probably include it.

Some ideal gear would be.
A wyld sun ammy for the skill to increase dmg = higher lock chance

Shadow strike gear.

Direct skill damage gear.
Ex. Occult armour

Attack gear.
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