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Re: Is Poison weapons even worth putting points into?

PulledASneaky wrote:I cannot decided between poison weapons and sneaky attack. I am running a shadow strike, DA build. I figured SS will cancel out Sneaky attack anyway, so I started putting points into poison weapons for the extra damage on both my main skills.

Any guidance? I am only level 105.
Much appreciated.
no idea what a da build is but when I played my rogue I used poison weapons on a full dex build that mostly relied on auto attacks, that was a great build to use poison weps with. The dmg difference was actually quite a lot. U should probably buy a few alt books and experiment tho, best way to figure it out

Re: Is Poison weapons even worth putting points into?

Use a ss ammy. And have all the extra points u want. Lol. And poison weapon. Fast dmg on ur autos. It's very effective. And fast dmg over time beyond rend for example. Dont die with it . And from a distance cancel ur animation to move well its finishing the animation. And all u do cast pw 0.1 sec when abt to cast walkout forward and if u perfect this yes I have timed this well. The nub way is use a bunny after pw or any skill. Applies to all to if uneed to move. Then after pw and bunny starts casting cancel bunny ur free to walk. Towards to boss making possible dps

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