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Upgrading my rogue

Suggestions on how to improve my rogue build for solo play? I help with bosses as well but my main focus is being the best solo toon I possibly can be. Those are all stalker rings btw, hotswap a +4 ss ring, and 60 magic damage charm. What gear can I aim for to get better attack and damage? I feel like I have spent so much on my rogue but compared to some rogue stats on here it seems so feeble and I'm not sure why. I dont have access to bt/dhio but i can buy gear pretty easily as available.
Also the prot braces are dex/str/health and dex/vit/attk



kings pride
i did it on my own
Ether Felix, 215 ranger
regal, 201 rogue
Felix Dacus, 183 mage
do not conform to rules you disagree with, even if it is the easier path.. i promise you will never regret taking that advice if you do so.

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