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Re: Crazy rogue stats

Toothpick wrote:
Chico wrote:
Toothpick wrote:

So far, still need a few pieces of gear and better food

I know you have full dg, but do you have a bt helm? If so what tier?

Nope, this was quite a while ago!

Oh dam. No idea what my stats are. With 2 piece dg, I think I only sit at like 6k damage with perf bara. Best food we have atm. I’m going to have to check

Re: Crazy rogue stats

Romeo wrote:
Mongo-donn wrote:

Bloodthorn build?

This is something I'd definitely run with, very good damage with excellent survivability.

I like how u took this screenshot mid fight with bt lol

He use combo for sure, there is no way in the world to have that perfect stat. high defence = lower dmg.
He use hero combo + perfect bara or Perf caviar for sure.
CheezWiz: thats because leo is a god

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