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Ranger stats/build/skills

Okay, so Ive been switching between different classes for a while now. But I found Ranger to be one of the most enjoyable (other than Warrior, which is my main), so I've been considering really getting serious with this class and working with it more.
I would love to get a better start on a Ranger than I did when I first started playing with my Warrior, so I have a few questions:

Which is the most important stat to level up on?
Which is the second most important?
What are the most important skills to work on and level up?
What armor/weapons should I be working towards (other than the sets earned in quests)?
Any tips I need to know?

Thanks for the help! All information is appreciated.

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Re: Ranger stats/build/skills

Hey nice to hear that your enjoying ranger. Its certainly my favourite class by far to play.

The most important thats on a ranger are str and dex. Before end game i highly recommend a dex heavy build. Once you have enough health all points should be dedicated to these 2 skills. Enough health is situational to each person depending on availability of plat items but a general rule of thumb is vit 2x your current level. That works well until you get a better understanding of the class or get some better gear. Vit out of the way, a 3 dex to 2 str ratio works best from my experience.

For skills sharpshot is your #1 priority skill and should be the first skill maxed. Longshot and sharpen weapons imo would come next. After that you can go a few ways. Light heal is useful to many players but if you have acess to resto pots then it isnt all that needed. You could go with doubleshot aswell but it isnt a fantastic skill until higher level. Steady aim falls under the same thing as dbl shot. A good skill later on but not really worth using at low level
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