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Double shot+double attack

Recently returned Old player here, so pardon me if I’m ignorant of some changes.

I noticed while playing the other day that I can put weapons in hot bar slots for quick equipping. I’m wondering if anyone has tried a strength ranger that blends spear and bow play. My thought process is that you can equip double shot and double attack (seems like 2 solid skills for strength build), and simply switch weapons as the other cools down.

I never played ranger much, but I remember being very disappointed in the damage skills other than double attack. I’m not very experienced with ranger, so I though I would run this by more experienced rangers to see if there Is enough potential here to invest in spear skill to test it.

Any thoughts?

Re: Double shot+double attack

Hot swapping for doubleshot works well. Equipping a spear will remove your quiver so youd need to hotswap spear and offhand, then double attack. This is too big of a hassle. Doubleshot already eats up some autos as it is though the benefits of a guaranteed double auto in doubleshot have some merit.

Re: Double shot+double attack

A much better thing to do is just get an obsidian bow or spear for whatever build you are using. This saves the hastle of the changing offhands. The problem with doing a dual build (bow and spear) is the cost. The weapons themselves cost around 250k each at lvl 200 but the offhands cost around 800k each. So having around 2.1 mil in weapons is too much for it's worth, not to mention the jewelry that may only benefit bow rangers or spear rangers and so on. Basically, if you are too rich and are willing to be swapping weapons and jewelry 24/7, you can try a dual build....though its not even for sure going to be positive on whether that improves your dps after all that work

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