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Camouflage vs. Conceal 2018

Hello Rangers - I played this game back in 2016 and just came back. I did have a low level Ranger and remember the Camouflage skill. I don't remember having Conceal back then, I must not have learned it. In any case, I went searching on here and the rest of Google to figure out the differences between the two skills. There are several, but there is one in particular I am interested in. In a thread from 2012, it was mentioned that Conceal does not expire when you enter combat or get detected, but Camouflage does. However, here in 2018 I am not seeing that to be true. I am experimenting with both on low level mobs. Both skills seem to be staying active when I attack or get attacked. Is this something that has changed? A glitch I am seeing? Bottom Line: Does Camo truly stay active even if you attack/get attacked/get detected?

Re: Camouflage vs. Conceal 2018

Thank you! In my testing, Conceal seemed to have a slight range advantage. I felt I could get slightly closer to mobs without them detecting me. Very slightly.

But with the only real difference being that Conceal lasts 40 seconds and Camo lasts 4 minutes, I am failing to see any advantage to Conceal. Including the fact that it buffs all close by group members, because the range for that is very short and often some members get missed! Camo can be cast individually on other people (group members or not) and lasts 4 minutes for them.

So....advantage Camouflage for sure!

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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