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Re: Let me know the lvling guide after 160

I doubt there is any repeatable quests at that level. Your best shot is to do bounties and arena dailies until you have enough gold for more lixes. Other than that I guess you could do weekly venomspit quest in carrow...it should gives a decent amount of xp for your level.
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Re: Let me know the lvling guide after 160

Have you completed the new extension to the quest line? By the end Denwal the Mad, in Dunskeig Sewers, will have 3 repeatable quests to do. These will be the highest level, regular, repeatable quests. But the levels for them are between 125 - 130, so you may find xp has dropped off too much. Worth checking though. There's also the daily repeatable quest to collect toxic fangs from the npc by the tunnel leystone. Again the xp from this may have dropped too much now. I think the level for this was about 130 or 135.
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Re: Let me know the lvling guide after 160

My biggest advice is to never lix alone. Rangers are horrible on solo lixing because their damage and hp sucks at that level. Best lixing spots are in carrow at that level :)
And also do all your bounties and arena every day. They give so much free xp plus a lot of gold so OTM is basically paying you to level up.

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