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What should I buy?

Currently lvl 55 with anc composite bow and all still creetseeker armour. Been saving for a while and now have about 35k. What do you reccomend I buy? (Keep in mind I will be getting warden gear very soon). Thanks for any feedback!

Re: What should I buy?

If you don't already have a heroic ammy I'd recommend you save up for that as it will help you immensely until lvl 90-100 where u will have access to lux event ammys, however if you already have that would recommend you to either buy a luxury quiver and/or heroic gloves of haste, both will be great help to you. Hope I helped :D


Re: What should I buy?

I've been asking a lot of my clannies this to when I was 55, most of the high lv rangers said to save for golden elemental quivers and if you really need it pick up some cheap regen along the way (I ended up getting the 40k ammy, the extra regen helps so much when you're lixing)
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Re: What should I buy?

Ye quiver > ammy if you are focused on your ranger, only 5 tics in energy/hp less and the extra damage/stats would help you a bit.
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