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Re: Ranger spear build please!

True pickle wrote:Whatever you wanna say about lots of ranger spear builds look it up I can't find 1. I want to be a spear ranger whatever anyone wants to say so someone just please link me one!

Landarin wrote:I am not sure how well a spear build would work at lower levels. However you will want the following skills(in order or importance):

Double Attack - 10 levels above your own
Rapid Shot - Max ( Go over max with rings lvl 120+)
Light Heal - Max
Entangle - 10 levels above your own (once you get this skill you will see how crucial it is to a spear build)
Sharpen Weapons - Rest of Points

For gear, you will want as much damage lux as you can find. Also, you will need a damage offhand like a golden blade, ect. For stats, you will want to go with something like this:

200 STR
100 DEX
Rest in VIT

The return on damage after 200 strength is 2 damage per 5 skill points up to 300, then it slows down more after that. I find this to be a poor return compared to the 6.25 HP/VIT point. For that reason, I would recommend, especially at lower levels, capping your STR at 200 and going with a healthy amount of VIT at least twice your level but as much as you can add. I would forgo DEX for VIT when at all possible, your damage output will rely on high auto damage. At higher levels, bring your DEX up to 200 for better heals and defense. Double Attack and Rapid Shot will be your sole sources of damage (uhg!), so maximize your build for this. You will always be taking damage, so think of warrior suvivability builds when adding more points, VIT > DEX > STR.

PS: I have found spear builds to be less effective than using the Bow. In my opinion, the regen, DEX and range you get from a Quiver allows you to "tank" more effectively than you can with a spear. The added benefit of ranged shooting makes the convenience of a Bow even better regardless of whether or not you use Bolas.
Here it is :lol:

Re: Ranger spear build please!

I have a great build that i was using for a while on my ranger that could cater to spear and bow at the same time, it's very simple also... I'll only really list the skills since everybody has and enjoys different stats..

Light heal
Sharpen weapons
Rapid shot

This is great because it allows you do a varying amount of things... You can still bolas and heal for clan, you can go Afk on bosses with large AOE's usingg bow, and you can run in and make contact with 4* dl bosses for example using CAMO without pulling asds
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Re: Ranger spear build please!

Pickle, you really didn't hear me out when I told you my spear build -.- haha

Spear ranger is better with an aggy trident so you should lvl to 110 asap (disregard this if you have tons of hastes, so use Onyx/Obsidian then Adamant/Wyrm spears)

Max lightheal, +10 your lvl for Camo, Entangle and Double Attack, Rest in sharpen (if you use Health Lixes, Combos or have tons of Sigs, max Sharpen and place rest in Lightheal)... Skewer lvl 1 and Rapid Shot lvl 1 (don't use these if you are hasting).

As for gear... You may want to go tanky and get Frozen asap, [or be glass canon and get Elemental Dmg Helm or Bloodlust Helm, radiant ES if you afford it, use Korbin Gloves (3 pierce dmg)] Golden Blade->Axe of triumph...

As for lux, midnight tali (ammulet of slaying), Sunfire Charm with elemental dmg, Talon Braces, aggy dmg rings (a Kron or Comrack dmg set would be good too),
NOTE. I have Reaper ring to help Atk and the 100 poison dmg skill, when hasted it is awesome.

It is not too much Energy hungry build, though at 150 lightheal, entangle and double attack may deplete your energy pool in a long fight...

As for stats, I had capped vit input once i got 2k hp, rest is up to your choice ;)

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