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Re: Build, stats and skills help (146)

i wouldn't go all auto. you need skills for adds. to take thm down with just a few casts and auto rather than auto all way... which takes time
know why? because big enemies have pierce resist way higher than common enmies such as adds. they experince the full pierce damage in most of the cases when big enemie dont
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Re: Build, stats and skills help (146)

Curry30423 wrote:Auto doesn't take much ur time Lol,skills however do

He was saying it takes time to kill adds with auto because even though auto usually is the better dps against bosses, adds resistance to our pierce usually means auto damage takes longer to kill them vs using skills.

Not that it takes time to fire off auto damage shots per se.

Re: Build, stats and skills help (146)

Curry30423 wrote:
SamySamSamBoss2000 wrote:Ya, str/auto ranger's are better, if I were you I'd personally swap long shot for rapid shot witch I would even out the skill points in with steady aim. I personally don't like long shot but its completely up to you what skills you use and lastly I'd change to a str build with a little dex if you want. This is now the new build I use thx to you who enlightened me by informing me their were such awesome aggy braces!

I would personally keep long over rapid due to heroic hastes.but if u don't always have them then rapid is a good choice

Oops, sorry forgot about this.

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