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post your level...

k so a lot of the time in a discussion about stats skills builds etc, people will post their opinions...


but they dont post their level.


so for all you know, they could be a level 10 newb that thinks they know everything, while they actually are clueless. OR, they could be a lvl 150 veteran player that knows the ins and outs of the game physics like the back of his hand.

So please guys, if you're gonna post advice on stats, skills, strategies, builds, etc. Post your level, either in a signature or just at bottom of post.
(also posting your stats, build preferences etc would help in some cases, depending on discussion)


beneath the board index button is "user control panel"
when you click that, you will see a horizontal row of tabs. the second one is labelled "profile"
now, on the left, there is a vertical list of buttons. click "edit signature"
fill in any information you want(name, lvl, class, clan, server)
Nighthawk - Lvl 130 ranger
no longer playing. Miss you guys.

Re: post your level...

in sig :)
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Re: post your level...

Mariner91 wrote:Ok, I'll be the one...

Nitghthawk meant to post your level when you post answers in threads. Not to post your levels in this.

Thank you... I thought about being the one but I really didn't feel like it...
Nighthawk - Lvl 130 ranger
no longer playing. Miss you guys.

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