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New lux quivers should have animation like all the others

I'm highly dissapionted that rangers are the only class not to have an aura on their new lux items swords glow daggers glow orbs glow books sparkle and for rangers...... Nothing, why do connact flame arrows have this animation but not my lux? Fire quiver should have red aura on arrows or a flame tracer ice quiver should have blue aura and frost tracer and magic should have a white or yellowish aura on arrows and a lightning tracer. Launching volley after volley of plain arrows got monotonous a long time ago. We should have the same animation all the other classes got its only fair :/ 1 because of the price and 2 to spice up the visuals of combat and keep us all playing plz comment if u feel the same. Deathsbank lv 111 ranger arawn

Re: New lux quivers should have animation like all the other

The lack damage and Visual appeal makes me regret buying the plat seirously bad for business because most rangers in arawn seriously MOST as in 19/20 agree terible dmg and no zaz (aura) and arnt even going to get one just sticking with golden rejuv just saying u Wana make money u got to fix things like this or at least respond on why your either going to or not going to consider patching this in..

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