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Ranged Combat Question

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:47 am
by Vigil
Recently on Epona, we had killed Phantom of Despair (210 EDL Boss) without a tank, and it was a bolas kill with me being the only ranger there until the last part of the fight. When I know I’m in charge of being the main ranger with bolas and entangle, I equip all ranged combat gear so these skills land more often.

Even with ranged combat ability at 4310/2160, there were a crazy amount of evades. There was a low level expose weakness on the boss, but I would assume that a ranged combat ability that high should result in more bolas and entangle lands even without a maxed expose weakness.

So my question is, has any ranger out there experimented with a very high ranged combat ability (6k or above) and bolased/entangled EDL/EG bosses?

If so, did you find a sweet spot where you noticed your ranged combat ability resulted in entangle and bolas landing almost every time on later bosses?

Entangle has a long recast time and it would be nice to get the most out of it by actually landing it. This isn’t a DPS discussion. I’m just curious to know what ranger experiences you’ve had with this support role at bosses.

Re: Ranged Combat Question

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 3:17 pm
by Ventius
My bolas hit virtually the same when i had 2270 ranged combat as when i have over 7500 ranged combat. Unless something has been secretly changed since i left, aileron did quite a lot of testing with shield bash and mele ability and he also found that maxing out skill ability had almost no impact on hit rates of skills