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Ranger Skills

Do any fellow rangers have advice for the best skill builds? I am a level 32 ranger. I have no idea how to get the rest of the skill besides from Cathal the Ranger. Does anyone know where to get the rest of the skills? I'm most excited for explosive arrows and double shot. I don't know where to find them though. Any advice?

1. Where do I find explosive arrow and double shot?
2. What is the best ranger build and what skills does it include?
3. I heard that some of the skills come from the sewers. Where is that and how do I find it?

Re: Ranger Skills

The best build is a high dexterity build. I recommend leveling up sharpshot longshot and lightheal before any others. You can get to the sewers from inside farcrag castle. It will show up on your mini map

Edit: that is the old castle that had a sewer acess. I dont actually know how to get into sewers
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