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Overall Ranger Advice as of October 2019

I have decided to make a ranger as my main toon and get it endgame. I was told that the best mount for ranger is horse and best pet besides dragon is spider. I currently do 2 str, 2 dex and 1 vit per level. I level sharp shot, steady aim, sharpen weapons, and light heal. I use rapid shot and double shot but both are level 1. I am currently level 48 and use the 10 tick 12 pierce 100 health/energy quiver from the castle that costs 90k. I was told this quiver can get me well past 150. I use the 10 health/energy tick amulet from the castle as well. I also am not looking into spending any money on this game at all. I understand the road will be long but I am okay with that. I am just asking on a more up to date basis if this seems to be doable all around or if something is not ideal. I am mostly look for a build and mount/pet for a build that would maximize leveling potential to reach endgame. Thank you to all in advance who will reply to this. I hope others who need more up to date advice find this useful as well. God bless everyone, especially my fellow rangers out there!
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Re: Overall Ranger Advice as of October 2019

hey guys, i'm a lvl174 ranger on gwydion, and so far i'm also looking not to spend any real cash on this game but my advice for a ranger would be, first for a solo ranger:

for your stats you need more dex bcos its improves your defense and attack, strength would be necessary also, to be more precise : 500 dex /200 str . vitality can be at 200+ and focus at 100( Armour bonus will add up)

LONGSHOT: should be your major skill,it pins the target for 5secs (enough time for you to cast bolas) cast bolas and gain some range after bolas is up.
SHARPSHOT: after longshot and bolas are up on the enemy gain some distance and use sharpsot on the target (by this time LS and bolas would have cooled down).
RAPID SHOT: . USE RAPID SHOT and deal the finishing shots to the enemy, this skill gives you the battle edge and depends on dex, if your dex is low you might miss all the shots. (basically 5 or 9 points is enough for this skill).
DOUBLE SHOT: use if you have skill, works good to.
after this skill set the target should be dead, if not or if the target is a boss repeat the skill cycle, only bolas comes before longshot . make sure LS, SS AND bolas are maxed out with respect to your level.
if you are a solo ranger try to have camouflage ,light heal and meditate.
For a Dps ranger the same skill set apply only the dex/ str ratio switches.

Re: Overall Ranger Advice as of October 2019

Those builds all seem pretty good! The thing I like the most about Rangers is that there really isn't a single "best" build. The gear you should have (or try to get) and the stat/skill layout depends a lot on how you want to play, what gear/skills you already have, and whether you are willing to spend gold on consumables.

A skill like Light Heal, for example, is excellent for Rangers that don't want to spend gold on consumables like restoration potions.
Camouflage is pretty good if you don't have many resurrection idols, and need to travel longer distances safely.
Double shot is great if you have higher strength and/or weapon damage, since it does twice your normal auto attack damage.
Sharp Shot and Longshot both get stronger if you have more dexterity.
Rapid Shot is a nice skill to put extra points in, though it's most beneficial if you have higher auto attack damage.
Steady Aim and Sharpen Weapons both are boosted by more dexterity, and increase your damage (and attack, in Steady Aim's case). Those are pretty good for a more even str/dex build, and I'd recommend steady aim over sharpen weapons, due to a higher buff.

Stat-wise, 2 Str/Dex and 1 Vit is a good starting place. As you get to a higher level and get better gear, you can change it up. Starting off, you will want points in Focus, especially if you don't have energy regeneration gear - but as you get to be a higher level, your gear might add energy, so you may not need the Focus.

Strength and Dex work well either way.
Usually, a Strength-focused build works best with skills like Double Shot, Rapid Shot, Longshot, and Steady Aim. For gear, you would probably want skill rings that boost those skills, but as you get closer to endgame you will probably want gear that boosts your stats and damage.

Dexterity builds usually rely on skills for their main punch, and usually include Sharp Shot, Longshot and Steady Aim. For gear, items that add skill points are definitely wonderful, as well as possibly some gear that adds direct damage to your skills if you can find it.

Light Heal is always helpful, especially if you are a more casual player who finds it hard to save gold for consumables. Steady Aim also (I mentioned it for both Str and Dex characters) since it adds a decent amount of damage and attack to your hits, lasts a fairly long time, and is nice and fast to cast.

Hope some of this info is helpful!
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