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Re: Aggro

Brianquick wrote:How come I seem to draw every boss to me in a group? Why am I drawing him when there are lower and higher level players attacking?

It's not just level that affects aggro...damage amount plays a role too. If you are outdamaging other players, you will get more aggro. Skills also play a large role in aggro too...if you are bolasing or entangling the boss, your aggro goes up by quite a bit. Level only goes so far...as you get higher than the boss, it takes more aggro to get its attention.
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Re: Aggro

If the tank has many levels over the boss, and over you, you will most definitely pull aggro no matter what.
The game mechanics penalizes high level's aggro.

Especially if the boss has a threat reset mechanism like Sreng, Snorri etc.
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