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new ranger help

Hi there! I'm looking to start out as a new ranger, and I was just wanted to ask you guys for a build or what to go for and put my stats in or what armours weapons and jewellery and pets and mounts to,go for! thanks!

Re: new ranger help

Hey there, I haven't played much Ranger but I can give some beginner tips. Also is this your first character? Or gonna be your main? Cause then it will most likely will be a little harder and you'll want to plan a little more.

To start good skills are, Sharp shot, double shot (drops from mobs either farm or buy), steady aim, long shot (drop/buy) and I think barbed shot is also pretty good. For your stats I think ranger can get away with lots of dex. Check out some of the ranger guides they have good info. Horse is a pretty good mount and spider is good pet I think. If your server has cheap pet tokens then you can buy them and get a tier 4 pet, then do as many bounties as you can and use those to get mount (dont use for pet). Sometimes people even sell bounty pleges for less gold than you get for doing the bounty so buy those if its worth it.

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