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Ranger skills balance

May rangers seriously get longshot/barbed shot buffs? Atm for a dps class, they’re doing pretty bad. Warriors who can be excellent tanks can also be excellent dps (better than rangers)... that’s 2 roles they can cover well. Rogues role is obviously dps, so they do more dmg than warriors and rangers. The only useful support skills rangers have at endgame are bolas and sharpen weps. With only 2 useful support skills and 4-5 dps skills (5 if using barbed shot), this puts rangers more on the dps side than hybrid. Because they are a Dps class, they should be able to compete with warriors and rogues. This can be achieved if longshot and barbed shot are buffed. Atm longshot is only a small boost in dps. It should be either an unevadable skill with higher damage or it should have its cast time buffed with higher damage. Barbed shot is a horrible skill with its slow cast time and low DOT damage. It should be buffed with a faster cast time and higher DOT damage(ventius probably wrote in earlier forums on how much it should be buffed). If these changes are implemented it would balance the ranger class to compete with other dps classes. (sorry for any gramatical errors i just wanted to put this out there, and i left the caster classes out of this because i don’t know much about them).
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Re: Ranger skills balance

I don't completely agree with you...I quite like the Longshot damage boost. With about 40/60 str/Dex and 3k damage, Longshot hits up to 8.1k (skill page), usual skill hits are at least 2 times my auto, if not more...especially if the boss is lured/shattered. I wouldn't really call that a "small damage boost".

As for support skills, I do partially agree there...though I would say that Entangle is a valid option as well. Light Heal is an amazing skill at early-midgame, but the gains start to drop once you get into late-endgame, as health starts jumping up a bit more. It's still a decent option, but harder to justify using it. Steady Aim is also a very good skill (a self support skill rather than a group support)...better than Sharpen Weapons. If you are looking at an overall view of the entire group's damage, then sharpen would win out if you can keep it up on everyone, otherwise steady is better imo.

Rangers also have other support skills that simply are either too weak or too niche to be of use, such as Defensive Spikes, Camouflage, Conceal, etc. I personally would rather see those be updated to be more useful.

All that being said, the game is slowly moving away from the group mentality. I personally am not a fan of it....I really like the idea of people picking a class for their primary role, then working as a group to play through the game. Unfortunately, due to the length of the game, class balancing, and base gameplay mechanics, that's not really possible. I see why it's being done, and I agree that it's necessary, but that doesn't mean I like it :)

Rabbit trail aside, in summary...I think that Rangers are actually one of the more balanced classes throughout the game (though Warrior is getting fairly close). Sure they could use some changes, but not as much as other classes (in my humble opinion).
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Re: Ranger skills balance

Idk what u mean._. Longshot is my best dps skill and it does a lot more damage compared to all my other skills. I agree with barbed though that skill just sucks
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