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Story time :)

So about three weeks ago, my brother was getting ready to leave back to the Army, his gf was over, and there was an incident about 12am when she left, I woke up at five to hear my mom crying, and my brother quickly said were taking a ride, so I was confused, and really had no idea what was happening, but it turns out, our six month old puppy was let outside (I live up north so the weather is often 30s now and was then) and nobody knew, I stayed home from school because my dad and brother had to leave early that morning to drop him off at the airport, and where I live, its very rural, and its field after field with plenty of trees in the way, I also live right beside a main trucking road, so every wrong thought we lost our little Chow Chow was flooding our head. We were afraid of the coyotes taking her, traffic, and her getting too cold, despite the fact they are indeed very furry. I took the truck down to the field and parked it by the end of our property, I walked through my neighbor's field (who hates me for various reasons) and I couldve swore I could hear my little girl barking or doing something, but everytime I was close it was lost in the wind. I walked 6.8 miles and decided we need something else, we called an organization made for dogs finding other dogs, but there was a problem, we had nothing with just her scent so we couldnt get them over, it seemed like that day would never end, and we did end up getting a bassat hound to help because we had her show leash, he was on the right track, but soon enough he lost it. We talked to every neighbor we could, put up pictures, and spread it anyway possible. I was excited when my dad got a call someone saw her, but we got let down, the lady who called misread a post on facebook, and turns out she wasnt seen at all. When it was around 11pm we needed sleep, and I still had school the next day, it killed me to think that here I am, layong comfortably in my bed, and all I could do was wonder if my little pup was freezing, hungry, thirsty, or if someone took her. It took me forever to fall asleep. I woke up the next morning a mess, it was the kind of early morning you cant find anything you need, I hadnt showered, I needed clean clothes, and I expected to see my jumping puppy when I came down the steps, but the reality hit me she wasnt back yet, my mom wasnt doing any better, and all we could do was hope for the best. The morning went on forever, I texted back and forth with everyone, and still no sign. Later in the day, I was at my last period, waiting for something, and there it was, she was found :) The first neighbor we talked to had found her down the next state's road, and my cousin stopped at the same time. This old man was swatting at her with a cane, and my neighbor and cousin quickly made him stop so she wouldnt run away from them. My dad got the call and quickly came to her, she was freezing, and fell asleep in the truck on the way back, the poor girl was starving and tired, I felt so relieved to have her back at the house, but the story doesnt end there, remember how I said my brother went back to the Army? The only way we can contact him is through letters, and even then they take forever to go through, so to this point were unsure if he knows yet, but it worries me because we just got his letters asking if she was found and how everyone was doing, though I believe he should know by now, and should have recieved our letters, but to end this, our chow is doing very good now, shes happy, healthy, and more lovable than ever :) Also, for anyone going through any hard situation, no matter what it is, I encourage you all to stay persistent, and never lose hope in whatever it is youre going through, time will be your best friend, and I know, its just a dog some may say, but this dog was me and my mother's baby, we loved her like no other, shes special in so many ways, shes so sweet, caring, and downright adorable. Shes a shorthair cinnamon, and she usually never leaves our side, so losing her devastated us, and getting her back taught us many important things, sorry if this wasnt what you guys want to read, but I figured I should share it to show there are still good people in the world, and you should never be fast to lose faith :) Whenever, and whoever reads this, I hope you have a good day, and this makes you happy :) sorry if this is hard to read
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Re: Story time :)

:3 that’s a nice story. I’m glad you got her back! The lesson behind it is a good one, too. Goes to show nothing is by accident. And I hope your brother is doing well. My brother is in the Air Force Reserve, and might go full-time soon (and possibly be deployed :?).

Have a wonderful day, and thank you.

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