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Re: Come on people really...

That person must be going through hard times indeed to be willing to part with their beloved elixirs for so cheap!

Icem/Death Spell wrote:Theres always those trolls someone on my server put a 10% speed mount for 500k :/ those people will never learn!

Some 10% mounts are worth that....but usually just the really old ones, and even then, collectors are usually the only people they are aimed at. I paid around that for my sled a couple years back, and I've been offered around that for my carpets.

People list items for they think the item is worth - sometimes it's amazingly cheap, sometimes it's amazingly expensive...it all depends on the player's opinion. If they had listed the 4 elixirs for 150g, I'm sure they would have been snapped up instantly, rather than someone making a post criticizing the seller for such an insanely low price.

It's also possible that the seller made a mistake when listing them...maybe they meant to put down 40 instead of 4, or maybe they even meant to add heroic combos or something.
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